Pre Season Sale

Exclusive Access Pre-Season NFT Sale

We're excited to announce that we're bringing 22RS to Blockchain with a level of game, asset and community integration never seen before.

As part of our Pre-Season sale you'll be able to get access to:
• 24/7 Race Licenses and Pit Passes
• Vehicle parts - Construct your very own custom racing vehicle
• Fully skinned partner racing vehicles as prizes
• Vehicle auctions
NFT - Non Fungible Tokens

True Asset Ownership

Using blockchain technology to put digital assets in control of the owner to unlock true asset freedom.

All in-game assets, and the game itself, can now be owned as an NFT asset.

Use, trade or sell, however you like.
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

Smart Contracts

Gaming and Esport ecosystems reimagined.

Connecting content creators, players, leagues, shoutcasters, game servers et al, to deliver a community that can collaborate and participate like never before.

Transparent and frictionless.


Play for fun, and play for pay.

Tournament smart contracts & digital currencies combine to bring you safe, fast and frictionless transactions automatically and instantly delivered to your wallet.

Get paid, no fuss.

Vehicles to be claimed

If you've already bought vehicle parts packs from the pre-sale, you can redeem them here directly.

If you've already bought vehicle parts packs from season one, you can redeem them here directly.

Vehicles to be claimed

To Play 22 Racing Series

Download Pavillion Hub and start your blockchain gaming story.

Pre-Loaded Wallets

If you don't already own any cryptocurrency, then the fastest way in is to purchase a wallet from us that's already loaded with tokens ready for you to use.
Simply purchase a pre-loaded wallet, log into it, and get instant access to the sale.


Starter Wallet

100 x GOATi Tokens
.1 x SOUL Tokens
.1 x Kcal Tokens

Starter Wallet

250 x GOATi Tokens
.25 x SOUL Tokens
.25 x Kcal Tokens

Starter Wallet

500 x GOATi Tokens
.5 x SOUL Tokens
.5 x Kcal Tokens

Advanced Wallet

1,000 x GOATi Tokens
1 x SOUL Token
1 x Kcal Token

Advanced Wallet

2,500 x GOATi Tokens
2.5 x SOUL Tokens
2.5 x Kcal Tokens

Advanced Wallet

5,000 x GOATi Tokens
5 x SOUL Tokens
5 x Kcal Tokens

Exclusive Wallet

10,000 x GOATi Tokens
10 x SOUL Tokens
10 x Kcal Tokens

Exclusive Wallet

25,000 x GOATi Tokens
25 x SOUL Tokens
25 x Kcal Tokens

Exclusive Wallet

50,000 x GOATi Tokens
50 x SOUL Tokens
50 x Kcal Tokens


*Since 14th Feb 2020, 4pm GMT

Championship & Prize Pool

Pre-Season World Championship

10% of all sales goes towards the prize pool of the first championship

Vehicles to be discovered

Vehicles to be claimed

*Phantasma White 'Signed' vehicles were awarded to the top three winning positions on the Pre-Season leaderboard.

*Phantasma Blue vehicles were claimed as a bonus vehicle when buying the Pre-Season 24/7 Race License NFT.

*GOATi Exclusive vehicles are claimed as a bonus vehicle when buying the exclusive wallet tiers.

Pre-Season Leaderboard

Community Marketplace

Development Pipeline
Development Pipeline

Previous Stage

NFT Pre-Sale

An opportunity for racers and race teams to get in early and carve out their space in the upcoming racing league.

The vehicle NFTs released during this stage will be a once off and will grant exclusive access to the upcoming Pre-Season testing and the Season 0 World Championship.

Current Stage

Pre-Season Testing

Core to any motorsport is the Pre-Season testing stage.

This is an opportunity for everyone to get their vehicles out onto the track to test them out, hone your skills and learn the tracks.

For those interested in the higher tier team events, and 'no holds barred' tuner events - This is your opportunity to refine your vehicle setup and put together your team.

Next Stage

World Championship

The prize money goes up for grabs in our first ever world championship.

10% of all money raised during pre-sale goes into the tournament pot, which will be split out as prize pools across a number of different classes and game modes.

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