Exclusive Access Pre-Season NFT Sale

We're excited to announce that we'll very soon be bringing 22RS to Blockchain with a level of game, asset and community integration never seen before.

Our first release will include our pre-season sale which will see a range of uniquely minted NFTs that will be available for a short time only, as well as granting exclusive early access to our pre-season racing competitions and prize pools.

As part of our Pre-Season sale you'll be able to get access to;
• 24/7 Race Licenses and Pit passes
• Vehicle parts - Construct your very own custom racing vehicle
• Fully skinned partner racing vehicles as prizes
• Vehicle auctions

Be sure to keep a eye on this page, because the sale will be starting soon, and will be available for a short time only.

Blockchain Gaming

Gaming Economy Disrupted / Gaming Experience Uninterrupted

As a gamer, the blockchain is just another backend service that, while it unlocks the power for you to finally own and take control of your digital assets, from a UX point of view, it's no different than using your regular gaming service.

• A game platform holds your game license - Log into your account to access it /
• Your blockchain wallet holds your key - Log into your wallet to access it.

• A game platform holds your in-game assets /
• Your blockchain wallet holds your in-game assets

• A game platform server stores leaderboards /
• The blockchain stores the leaderboards

And so on.

Easy, but so powerful ...

True Digital Asset Ownership

Using blockchain technology to unlock true digital asset freedom.

Putting your digital assets fully into your control means that you own them in the same that you own your assets in the physical world:
• If you want to sell your car, you can.
• If you want to sell your 'boxed copy' game, you can.
• You just bought an OLED TV and want to sell your old TV? you can.

It couldn't be more logical.

Blockchain puts digital assets fully in your control in a way you're used to. Use them, trade them or sell them, however and whenever you like.

Community Created & Controlled Content

As a content creator you lose all control of your content IP as soon as it enters the black box of a game platform service.

It's about time that changed.

Smart contracts can give you total control over your work:
• Price - Including sales periods
• Access Rights - Premium or Freemium model?
• Rarity - Is there only one, or is it infinite?
• License fees - Do you get a payment if it's used in an Esports event?

+ More - Right down to a % cut of a sale if your work is on-sold.

Blockchain Integration


Phantasma Chain

22 Racing Series is being developed in partnership with Phantasma and coming to 'Phantasma Chain', the purpose built gaming and esports blockchain.

Phantasma Chain has been purpose built from the ground up for exactly the kind of community-centric smart contract system that we needed, enabling us to give content creators greater control over how their work is distributed, sold, shared, license and consumed.

Find out more at Phantasma.io

Besides the usual uses of blockchain in providing; Unhackable leaderboards, race results stored on chain, and ledgers that can't be tampered with, we'll be using Phantasma Chain to bring you next-generation gaming on blockchain integration using Phantasma's technology to handle;
NFT - Non Fungible Tokens


Acronym for "Non Fungible Token".

These are assets like vehicles & tracks etc, that are a 'whole unique item' as opposed to a currency, that can be divided up.

Each NFT has a composition and history that's stored on the blockchain transaction ledger, e.g. Item properties, race wins, etc - Like the kill stats on CSGO weapons, except always stored with the item itself.

Handling your game assets as NFTs gives you the power to both use them in-game and also to trade or sell them as you like. But most importantly, it brings you a new way to contribute where content creators are able to 'mint' their assets as unique NFTs that they're able to sell with full artistic and financial control.
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

Smart Contracts

Gaming and Esport eco-systems reimagined.

Connecting developers, content creators, teams, players, shoutcasters, promoters, game servers et al, to deliver you a gaming community that can create, collaborate and participate like never before.

Perfect for online events with prize money, as prize pools will transferred immediately with near zero transaction fees after a competition result is validated, and for the community to create their own events that transparently manage payouts event contributors, along with managing prize pool payouts to the competition winners automatically.

Transparent and Frictionless.


Play for fun, and play for pay.

Tournament smart contracts & digital currencies combine to bring you safe, fast and frictionless transactions automatically and instantly delivered to your wallet.

With our dedicated community smart contract system we'll be opening up an new era of community collaboration and monetisation.

However you want to participate, whether it be as a; Racer, Content Creator, Tournament Organiser, Shoutcaster, Influencer, or even as a Server Host (and more), you'll be able to get in on the action, seamlessly and transparently.

Get paid, no fuss.

Pre-Season Vehicles Leaderboards

Position Name GOATi Tokens from Referrals Vehicles Discovered
1st Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
2nd Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
3rd Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
4th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
5th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
6th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
7th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
8th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
9th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon
10th Place coming soon coming soon coming soon

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